Perfect Shine Hair Loss

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1 – Stopping fast hair loss
2 – Significant thickening of hair strands
3 – Fast hair growth
Our hair consists of hair strands in 3 different stages. Some parts of strands of hair are in “Anagen” and the other parts are in “catagen” and “telogen” stages. Anagen stage is development stage, the stage in which the hair strand develops, revives and is bright.
Catagen stage is the stage in which the development of the hair strands stops and does not grow.
Telogen stage is the resting stage. It is the period in which the strand falls, the old hair follicle shed to give way to a new strand. Hair loss occurs other than natural loss, due to genetic hair follicle weakness for men.
PERFECT SHINE Dermal papilla interferes in all 3 stages with signal molecules that it sends to the stem cells.
It provides hair growth in a short time with intervention in anagen stage.
It provides significant thickening of hair strands with its intervention in catagen stage.
It stops hair loss with its intervention in the telogen phase.
Benefits of using the product in sets:
PERFECT SHINE It is recommended to use 3 effective anti hair loss products as a set (Serum + Shampoo). The active ingredients in your serum are also included in your shampoo. Usage as a set accelerates the maintenance process.

contains 30 x 6ml